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Works Great and Lasts

I wish it rolled on because I have long fingernails and have to scrub well to remove it from them. Otherwise it is a sensational product!

Smarter Pack
Janet Zonneveld
Excellent product

I use nuud after my shower- not everyday and it lasts with no adverse effects to my underarm skin. I was not able to wear deodorant before nuud.

Smarter Black
A Wilson
Great product!

I have been using Nuud for years now and love it!
- I don’t need to use it every day,
- it is environmentally friendly,
- it takes up so little space when I travel.

Nice travel companion

A well thought out travel or shower pouch. I’m looking forward to using it on my next trip!

Magic Cap
Tri Le
Applicator cap

Great cap - easy to use. It is so helpful and glad they figured this piece out. I've been using Nuud since it was just a tube.

xXL pack
Holly Perry
Great Deodorant!

Nuud is fantastic! It wears like an antiperspirant, to me, actually, and I don’t need to reapply for 4-5 days! Customer service is great, too. :) My only complaint is that the new formula is a bit runny, which causes one to use too much when applying it, ESPECIALLY if using the Magic Cap! So, I still use my fingertips and, even then, it seems to still be more than I used with old formula. (I love the new ingredients, but please give me the thick formula that I can determine a “pea-size” with! 😘 The XXL package is a real money saver, by the way.

The Goldest Pack | New formula
angela Miniano

The produt is AMAZING💯 I sweat and still smell good!

Starter Red
Rachel Sly

I was skeptical this would work through showering but I was pleasantly surprised. Sometimes I forget when was the last time I used it. Love using less deodorant and wasting less plastic.

Smarter Pack
Sladjana Fljankovic

Smarter Pack Red | New Formula

Smarter Black
helena sharples
Thank you

Great product, only deo that has worked with me and it has the same values as I hold, it's vegan.

Starter Red
Sarah Sinex
Game changer

I’ve struggled with finding the right deodorant for years now. Trying different natural brands and either they’d never last, or my armpits would cause a fuss and my skin would break out. A friend suggested this to me and I thought yanno what do I have to lose? I’ve tried so many, let’s add another. Not only have my armpits been thriving, it’s worked better than anything I’ve ever tried. This is the product and I don’t want anything else.

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Meagan O'Brien
Life Changing

I have always been the smellier person in a room, and as other people can relate to, it's even worse when I'm anxious or stressed (so more often than not). I have tried countless deodorants, natural and otherwise, for 20 years. Nothing has ever made ANY difference, and Nuud has made ALL the difference! I DO NOT SMELL. It is almost unbelievable, and my family agrees. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone, and I have two friends who use it now who feel the same!

xXL Pack
Leslie Riley

First time I have ever been able to forget to put on deodorant and not drive people running away from me! I’ve only been brave enough to go one day without reapplying every day, but it is summer with over 100 degree weather.

Smarter Pack
Jinka Bloom
Finally ~ something that WORKS!

I tried Lume, Native, Hume, you name it. They did not work for me.
NUUD WORKS! Finally ~ it does what it says it does. After one pea-sized application I am completely odor free for the next 2 days. Even during our hot Summer!

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Dayanne Lisboa

Starter Pack

Smarter Pack Black
Amy Wood

Have been using this for years now. Will never change :)

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Melanie Barnett

Starter Pack

Wholelottanuud Pack
Rachel Rybar
Amazing product & customer service

This is my second time purchasing nuud. The product is amazing- the only solution I found to help with my b.o after pregnancy & giving birth! The second time my order did not arrive, but I contacted customer support & they promptly rectified the situation hassle free, and sent me a new order which did arrive.

Starter Pack
Jessica Olof

It really works. I reapply every other day to every 3 days, depending on the week.

Smarter Pack
Paula Rice
love this stuff

This really works!! I would recomend this to anyone whose regular deodorant doesn't work!!

Surprise!!! Pack
Kate joyce
Simply the best

I love Nuud! It has been an absolute life changer. I was at first a little put off by the price, but no longer. After using it for a while, I now get at least 7 days out of one application, even with showering. It lasts forever!

Starter Pack
Bonnie Peters
Love it!!!

Works the best and I have tried a lot of natural deodorant!

Smarter Pack
Julie Thomas
The best

The best deodorant I’ve ever used, I would never change to anything else, I can’t recommend it enough to everyone, my daughter and granddaughter use it too now

Smarter Pack
Susanna Khachatryan

I love it!!!

Smarter Pack
Debbie Brown
I was skeptical, but hopeful.

This stuff works! I no longer have a rash from other deodorant, and I can go three days without having to reapply. Fantastic!