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Honestly Works

Ever since moving abroad, I haven't been able to find a deodorant that works for me since antiperspirants don't exist where I live. The office I work in is really hot, so I sweat a lot which sticks to my shirt and by the end of the day I find that I absolutely reek. It was getting to the point where I was honestly afraid to get too close to people just in case they could smell me.

I decided to try nuud on a whim and honestly it's changed my life!! I have not had any smell since day one of using it. I think because I haven't been using antiperspirants, I didn't have the adjustment time that people normally get. I also only used it every second day, since I heard if you use it every day it can make things worse. I LOVE this stuff! I definitely won't be going back to normal deodorant ever again! Thank you!!

Works so great but how to deal.with all the sweat.

I am a nuud user for for than a year now and it works great!!!
I just want to ask how you guys are dealing with all the underarm wetness?
Thank you


i tried nuud after all my previous deodorants started giving me rashes, & all the naturals made me smell AWFUL. I've been using nuud for a month now & haven't smelled a slight bit of BO since. I'm currently on DAY 4 of not applying any. & I have showered multiple times the past few days & washed my armpits. nuud is no joke & I will never go back to any other deodorant. Great company with good morals & I'm so glad I discovered them! :)

Best one yet

I've tried many natural deodorants, but none have worked this well for me. Chapeau!

Seriously revolutionary

I saw nuud advertised and was interested but sceptical. I experimented and can safely say I will never go back to an 'ordinary' deodorant. Using nuud means no smell, on me or on clothes. Since converting to nuud, I've been able to wear my t-shirts and tops multiple times - less laundry is good for the planet as well! I don't usually write reviews of things, but this product deserves it... Try it, you won't regret it!

Surprisingly good

Bought the Smarter Pack straight away. For my surprise one 20ml tube has lasted for 13 weeks already, even though I've added it every other day. With the right amount of Nuud and wearing fresh, bacteria-free clothes, it works fantastic. The deodorant I used before this one, had quite literally let the bacteria eat into the armpit parts of my tees, which led to Nuud not working at it's full potential. After rubbing the tees with some anti-bacteria laundry detergent, the problem disappeared and I've been fresh ever since :) Would recommend!

AMAZING!! 10 out of 5 stars

I was very sceptical because I smell really fast and the only deodorant that worked for me was with aluminium salt in it. And this also only worked for about 4 to 5 hours.... if I didn't put any deodorant I began to smell so fast even if I did not much....and the same was with the natural deodorants they only worked for 1-2 I though: let's give it a try it can't be much worse. and I am soooooo glad I did it! NUUD IS AMAZING!!! For me the adjusting time was about 1-2 weeks (and even during this time nuud worked for almost 2 days from the first time I used it). Now I'm using it for almost 2 month and I need to apply it about every 5 to 6 days. Thank you so much!! :)
At first I also thought that it was really expensive but it is worth every Cent. I am so so happy!!! And yes the tub is small but it last really long because you really don't need much, trust me :)
Thank you Nuud :)

Etonnamment surprise

J ai essayé en me fiant aux avis sans trop y croire( avis truqués etc)mais mais mais.... moi qui peine a trouver un deo qui me permette de ne pas sentir ne serait ce que 24h et bien là j en suis a 48h sans en avoir remis... je ne sens RIEN et il a fait chaud et j ai marché 1h30 par jour.... je suis conquise. Alors oui c est un peu cher mais on n en met que la valeur d un petit pois et pas tous les jours donc à mediter. Bravo et merci nuud

Give it time, it's worth it

Love love love this product! Got my first tube around 3 months ago and still got a bit left. Took about a month for my body to fully adjust but now I only apply twice a week and I never smell, even after workouts! The first month was hard because I had to work out how often to apply but now it works like a dream. So glad it's vegan and recyclable too

Small but mighty!!

When the package arrived, I was gobsmacked at how tiddly the tubes were..... but having read the instructions and using just a pea sized squidge, it was plenty... and it is SO effective, I'm delighted! I have tried many other natural deodorants in the past and they have all failed to live up to expectations. With the frequency of application being less than regular products, I am now sure it will last for ages and be economical in the long run. Just love it!!
Thank you nuud :-)

It Works !

Everything they promise and more, I bought this deodorant for my 10 yr daughter, we try aluminium free deodorant before and none of the work, she is in that stage were is growing and the hormones let’s say they make the work! So find a deodorant that could fight against that was hard, so I saw this and decided to give it a try, pay 12€ for the 15ml bottle and mist accept that at first I thought it was a really small bottle for that price but... we try with my daughter and she is using one little drop ( the sílice of a finger nail) every Thursday and it completely works make her happy and make me happy don’t be scare for the price and don’t be scare to try it because it really works.

Review update

Unfortunately, as soon as the warmer weather has started I have found I cannot get away with the damp feeling of sweat under my arms using Nuud. I was able to use only every third day after persevering. There is also a slight armpit sweat smell in the mornings after being in bed. However, a shower does take care of that (without reapplying Nuud). I'm sad to say that I just feel too uncomfortable with wet armpits so I won't be buying it again. However, the product isn't meant to stop you sweating and it does prevent odour so it is worth a try.

Changed my Life!!!

This is LITERALLY changed my life. after dozens of natural deodorants, terrible armpit irritation and HORRID BO - i found the holy grail. i lived a life of carrying multiple deodorants everyday to wipe and reapply when things got rough (which was every few hours), i lived in CONSTANT self awareness/ consciousness about how i smell. friends and family would alert me when they got a whiff. this was my life....until now. i used this for a full month before writing this review, because ATL summer had just kicked off and i had a vacation in jamaica. i wanted to test this in both hot environments before giving my seal of approval and boy did NUUD pass with flying colors. I CANNOT stop recommending this to everyone in my life. It has truly changed my life. i only apply twice a week and it works like MAGIC. WOW! THANK YOU NUUD!!!!!

Totally life changing!

I was very sceptical before signing up as now in my mid 40's, I've been trying out natural pit options ever since my early teens...& until nuud...I hadn't found anything that has ever come close...this is totally bloody amazing! Thank you nuud 😍

Amazing product!

I had heard about Nuud before and was looking for an alternative to the antiperspirants available in the market. It has been one week since I started using it and I'm extremely happy with the results! It's so low-maintenance and only has natural stuff in it. Would definitely recommend to everyone :)

I'm converted!

I was finding it very difficult to find a deodorant that wasn't harmful to me and the environment, one that actually worked. Bought this on a whim thinking he couldn't possibly work... just reordered and will continue to do so. I'm a 3 day maybe a stretch to 4 days gal.

It really works!

So happy it really does what it says! Needed some patience while my body was detoxing from the regular deodorant I had been using but even during that time it was already better than I could have imagined! Two months in and I’m still using my starter pack (applying it about every 4-5 days)! Still get sweaty (less than before though) but not smelly!

Amazing solution

I have been looking for a deodorant that wouldn't clog my sensitive armpit skin and at the same time would keep me from smelling all day long. I lead a hurried life and cannot afford to worry about re-applying deo every 4 hours!
I am so happy to report that I FOUND THE SOLUTION!
Nuud keeps me fresh for 24 hours if necessary.
Warmly recommended!

Best deodorant

Not only the best natural deodorant I’ve ever tried, but the best deodorant I’ve ever tried, period. It doesn’t work for everyone, apparently, but for me it’s magic. I sweat as usual, but no smell at all. None. Nada. For 3-4 whole days with one application. Still feels a bit like witchcraft to me, but I’ma roll with it...
I also love the size and how long it lasts. Great for traveling. The website states a tube will last 10 weeks. Mine lasted about 5-6 months. And I sweat A LOT. I do martial arts almost every day.
Lastly, love that the tube is made from sustainable sugar cane, and hope the plastic screw-top can also soon be made sustainably!

New to Nuud

I'd being seeing the ads on Facebook for a couple of months and kept promising myself I'd get some "next payday"; it seemed good, but also pretty pricey for something that probably wouldn't live up to the hype.

I'm heavily pregnant and sweating all the time ar the moment!
I've tried so many different 'green' deodorants over the years and very few of them work at all for me, so I was very sceptical.

I really loved all the things I'd read about them being cruelty free & so environmentally consciousness though..
I finally gave in and ordered the Starter tube earlier this month.
And just like that, I've been converted!

One application has seen me through a long and hot day out - that ALONE is enough to have won me over. But a couple of days later this stuff is still working wonderfully.

Applying it doesn't make your 'pits all soggy. It doesn't have any overpowering fragrances. I've not had any weird reactions to it.
And it definitely seems to work.

I will be buying more!

Wow - just wow!

For so long I’ve searched for a deodorant that is aluminium free and doesn’t irritate my skin or leave me feeling wet under the armpit all day.

This is the one. The one! It doesn’t even leave marks on your clothes (like I thought it might because of its colour) and I wear black day in day out for work. Not a thing on any of my dresses.

I only bought this on the off chance because it had such amazing reviews, it’s so so freaking good I’m now buying it for my family.

I’m in awe guys, you’ve nailed it. Thank you!

Fantastic Nuud

Highly recommended as firstly product is really effective (yes no more stinky odour though you sweat like a horse) and secondly great customer service😍


Have been using it for about 2 weeks now - it's really great! I apply it every two days and it's soo much better than the regular deodorants I used to use. I also ran a marathon with nuud the other day and did not smell of sweat after, which was very surprising! I really love it!

Game changer

It was delivered (to the UK) in a few days only! I love it! I go for a swim every morning during weekdays and cycle to work, and I don't smell bad! I can't believe it. I'm absolutely in love with Nuud! I've been using it twice a week for two months now: Mondays and Thursdays/Fridays.

Fab product

After thinking for a while about trying Nuud,
I eventually took the plunge and super glad
I have. I use 2 times a week and for me, it’s amazing and I wish I knew about it sooner. No more stinky pits for me!!