The benefit of being all natural

Sweating is natural. In fact, sweating is good for you. 
Sweating is as natural as all that surrounds us. 

When you try to stop or block natural systems they just get more powerful and you end up having to resort to more extreme measures to take back control. 

Pretty much every other deodorant fights sweat. Trying to control our armpits and keep them odorless with (aluminum) salts and artificial fragrances. Treating the symptoms, which doesn’t work in the long term.

Aside from full on irritation and off balance temperature and bacteria regulation; waste-product gets trapped in our bodies.

But what if we worked with nature? Let ourselves sweat while neutralising the bacteria that spreads the unpleasant smell we don’t want. Restoring balance to the climate under our armpits. That’s how nuud works. Nuud is a 100%, vegan deodorant that works for an average of three days. Fast absorbing, nuud is kind to your armpits and stays effective even after showering and exercise. Nuud comes in a sugarcane tube and is packaged in biodegradable cardboard. And we ship CO2 neutral too.

We believe in letting nature do its work. Because mother nature is no doubt wiser than us - after all she’s been around a whole lot longer than those artificial fragrances shoved into aerosol cans.

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