Totally shameless

Totally shameless

A human among other humans. That’s what every one of us is. Every one of us different and an original. Yet, how we often see ourselves is through the eyes of another. Do I look okay? Am I weirdo? Am I good enough? All questions that we (subconsciously) act upon all the time.

We try to mask our unpleasant bits. And, certainly our body odour. Whats more, we do everything in our power to prevent it. We try and hide it; blocking our pores and masking our smell with litres of artificial sprays and fragrances.

Nuud prefers to let every body breathe. Without shame. We don’t mask smells – we prevent them. There are no perfumes or artificial fragrances in Nuud. And absolutely no aluminium salts or dodgy chemicals that only serve to block pores. Instead, Nuud contains just our 10 natural, all-magic ingredients, that take care of everything. Revolutionary and super effective.

Just as importantly; Nuud ensures that no one has to feel any kind of shame thanks to their deodorant: Nuud is 100% harmless. Propellant free, vegan and super concentrated (= less production and distribution).

Want to feel zero shame? Order Nuud for you and the whole family. Our lovely biodegradable, climate neutral tubes will be on their way in no time!

We’re mega happy you’re part of the Nuud revolution.

Have a great day!

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