Is Nuud expensive?

Is Nuud expensive?

Everything has its price.

That’s a fact.

The price of Nuud is based on the cost we incur to produce it, to sell it and to distribute it. Nuud makes clear choices when it comes to its effectiveness, the health of people and the effects on the environment.

For instance, we choose to use certified natural micro silver. This increases a deodorant's  effectiveness and its harmlessness for your health and the environment, but…it is a 1000 (!) times more expensive than regular ingredients.

Also in our packaging and distribution selection, we choose the more expensive option. That’s why our tube is made of sugarcane, the packaging is made of 100% biodegradable cardboard and our shipment is climat-neutral.

On top of that we made the choice to produce a highly concentrated product. Because the more concentrated the product is, the less we need to produce, to package and to transport.

A highly concentrated product also has advantages for you. You only have to apply a tiny bit! On average our happy customers only use Nuud every three days. So with one tube of Nuud an average user has enough for 6 weeks, that’s rather economical we think!

Finally, we promise to strive to become cheaper by growing. For now we are a small-time deodorant company so everything is relatively expensive but when we are bigger in the future and produce more Nuud, we will become increasingly more economical.

So do you really want Nuud to be cheaper?


Have a nice day!

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