How effective can innocent be?

How effective can innocent be?


Bambi wielding a rifle or Mike Tyson cradling a fluffy chick. Innocence and strength occupy different worlds and our minds have the tendency to keep these two worlds apart. Somehow, deep down, we believe that innocence negates effectiveness and vice versa. And, advertising does a fantastic job of upholding our conditioning - Effective is now even more Effective than the Most Effective of them all. And, a Labrador puppy can learn a lot from innocence in advertising.

The conditioning of our senses is the foremost challenge for Nuud. Because Nuud is super innocent: a vegan, zero-aluminum, zero-paraben, zero-propellant, 10 natural-ingredient, recyclable, super-concentrated deodorant…AND YET, Nuud is mega effective. Here is a small selection of the wonderful facebook reviews we received

Luckily, we have proof on our side; Nuud users love to share the thrill of their incredible find!

Thank goodness for Nuud lovers! Embracing purity and power is a very conscious Nuud thing! If Nuud was a pure but not so powerful deodorant, we’d see a return to the trusty old aerosol with all the not-so-nice consequences. And gone be the Nuud dream of an entirely innocent deodorant for the earth and all its inhabitants! 

That’s why effectiveness is number one at Nuud. Yet, it’s also why we talk about innocence. Effectiveness can only be measured in one way: Nuud has to be experienced to be believed.

So, get to it and test the power of Nuud here.

And, when you get excited – as you most certainly will - please go ahead and share the Nuud word. Purity and power go together rather beautifully actually!

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Team Nuud

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