Health takes time (sometimes)

Health takes time (sometimes)

In this Woman’s Health article you will read about someone's ‘journey’ after switching from a regular deodorant to a natural alternative. A very interesting read for everyone who has just started trying Nuud. Especially when you consider the fact, that the writer of this article had stopped using her old deodorant, but couldn’t try our revolutionary Nuud herself ;-)

It is also known that someone  who can sweat ‘freely’ will perspire less in the long run. Did you know that sweat that doesn’t exit the body via the armpits will look for other ways out (sweaty feet!). In short: sweating is good for us.

So what to do about the odor.

That’s Nuud’s promise.

We promise several odor free days and some healthy sweating. We also promise that after a detox period you will perspire less. We guarantee no yellow stains in your clothing. All this, and no harm to your body.

The time your detox period takes, depends on the intensity of your prior deodorant usage. Some persistence is required here. That’s why we have some tips & tricks for our new users. When you start with Nuud, we advise you to use it daily. From there, you work slowly to the perfect number of days between every Nuud usage. That way you can feel secure about your armpits.

Another important aspect of Nuud is that it is 100% odorless. Some people find that difficult, they feel more secure when they smell the scent of their deodorant.  To these people we’d like to say: Hang in there! Research shows that your pheromones (your own, unique smell) are way more attractive than all those artificial smells from rollers or spray cans. Besides that, for some extra assurance, you could use some scented oil, a nice perfume or good aftershave.

We already of course knew that ‘Hanging in there’ during this detox period will yield result. But now we see that new users are also getting used to this new way of using deodorant. They are really enthusiastic.

Nuud: a bit different from others and it maybe takes some time getting used to, but well loved once you get to know it. That’s how we like it. We’d rather slowly build good relationships than rush into shallow ones.

So thank you for your vote of confidence, let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!


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