250,000 armpits are doing the right thing!

250,000 armpits are doing the right thing!

Dear one of the first 250,000, 

We love you so much! It’s solely down to you that our mission is coming true: ‘a deodorant that does not harm the planet or any of the beings living on it’!

You choosing Nuud empowers a new way of looking at deodorant. You are helping eliminate all the negative side effects of traditional deo use.

First of all, you chose to use substantially less deodorant. Nuud is super concentrated and super effective. Our tiny 15 ml tube provides you with an average of seven weeks odor free living. 

By applying a little bit every three days (on average) you’re good to go. No matter what you’re up to:  sport, work, sleep, recycling your trash, washing, showering or bathing. You’re covered!

Compare that with regular deodorant use: imagine the amount of production, packaging and transportation no longer needed, thanks to the choice you make!

What’s more, you opt for Nuud’s ten,100 % natural ingredients that work harder than regular deos do! Nuud contains no dodgy chemicals, aluminium, parabens, salts, fragrances, or alcohol.

And, and, and, since Nuud is all natural, it is also totally harmless to your body. We’ve heard back from a lot of you first 250.000 armpits. We know you got rid of irritation, spots and other allergic reactions. You became happy again! Which in turn helps further our mission no end!

You make a true vegan choice. This makes you hip, but more importantly you’re looking out for our earth’s animals and the ecosystems they uphold. Thank you!

Last but not least you are minimizing the impact of your waste by choosing Nuud. We do everything we can to make sure our packaging minimizes pollution. Therefore our tube is a bio plastic tube made out of sugarcane and our cardboard box is biodegradable.

So dearest, lovely, armpits - thank you for choosing Nuud. Keep on spreading the love. Use all your armpit power to inspire others to follow your notable example. 

Because the fact that you are healthy, beautiful and fresh, makes you the most convincing argument out there.


Have a great day!

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