Nuud Starter Pack

If you order Nuud now, within a few days you’ll be using a revolutionary deodorant. Are you ready to experience a deodorant that is highly effective and totally innocent at the same time? A tube of Nuud costs €12,95 and lasts 6 to 7 weeks on average. Free shipping worldwide!

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It works!

Nuud took a few days to work but it does work. Just follow the directions and be patient.

out of this world

This product is amazing, I took a shower one night, applied it, went to sleep, woke up went for a run, took another shower and then spent the whole day running errands and not once did I have any kind of body odor. I feel a little like an alien, i've never not smelled either like b.o. or deodorant, it's strange (but wonderful) to have zero smell


I was so excited for this to arrive be cause the claims were unbelievable on paper. It said on their website that it masks body odor for upto 3 days and you only need to reapply 2-3 times a week!

Ingredients wise a 100% vegan and uses micro silver, mineral clay, oil extracts in their formulation. It comes out creamy, kind of like body spf, it also smells like one too. You only need a pea size amount of product for each underarm but for me a pea size amount is enough for both.
I applied this the first time with 3 days interval and not once did I stink or sweat that much. Second time, I tested 5 days without any reapplication and I got stinky by day 4/5 and sweat out a little bit. I tried it again after a week and same results happened. This retails for £12.95 for the Starter Pack set and should last 6-7 weeks. Mine is still nowhere near empty and I received this on February, so proves to show that it definitely lasts longer. Definitely an HG and a possible repurchase

I'm impressed!

I'm impressed! Whenever I tried natural deodorant in the past, I went back to my Dove the next day. I was always smelling. I tried Nuud for the first time yesterday. I went for a run and shovel for 20 minutes and at the end of the day was not smelling at all! I'm so happy I finally found a chemical free deodorant :)

THIS is the only think that worked for me so far

It’s perfect. This is the only (natural and non-natural) deodorant that keeps me from stinking. Even during my period. I do not have re-apply it during the day, ever. It doesn’t messes up my clothes at all, and I don’t feel that it’s impossible to wash it off. It’s small, fits in my smallest purse. I can use it on any body part. It’s just perfect.